Boost reputation, provide better care & reduce cost Patient Journey, Care Pathway & Engagement Platform for Healthcare Organisations: Manage demand, promote health campaigns, improve efficiency, provide better patient experience and more!

Revolutionise Engagement & Patient Journey

Help visitors and patients to familiarise themselves with the hospital and their treatment options.
Engage with patients in a new way using the custom branded patients pathway app.

Boost Reputation and Foster Loyalty

Impress patients and visitors with information they need at fingertips

Cost Saving

Well informed patients use services when required in an efficient manner

Improve Efficiency & Self Care

Split patient information into an interactive time line and use push notification for offering the right advice at the right time

Minimise Demand on Services

With information available at their fingertips, patient demands can be brought down drastically while providing better service

Superior Patient Experience

Tools for patients to engage and reflect back on the experience.  Ask question, create surveys and constantly upgrade the service

Promote Health Campaigns

Encourage awareness of a healthy lifestyle and promote campaigns. Ex. Push articles on drug abuse or diabetic care

Custom Branded Powerful Engagement Platform

Enterprise-class, flexible mobile app published with your organisation name and branding
Engage, inform and educate patients, carers and visitors with the right information at the right time

Progress Tracker

Let your patients track their progress with graphs and visuals. Examples include postoperative pain management, diet or exercise patterns etc.

Visuals, Audio & Video

Easily add photos, video or audio contents. Example includes photo of the caring team, aftercare exercise videos, motivational audio etc.

Automated Questions

Get automated patient feedback by asking relevant questions regarding the conditions (ex. pain level or mood level) and answers with pre-set advice, videos or charts.

General Information & Directions

News, contacts, maps, directions all at one place. Help patients and visitors to navigate your facility reducing stress levels.

News, Info & Social Channels

Engage patients in the community. Reduce isolation & promote support.

Dynamic Timeline

Avoid hard copy patient information brochures with a dynamic timeline about the next steps in the treatment or aftercare. Provide relevant information at the right time.

Push Notifications

Use automated push notifications to provide information, updates and reminders. Examples include to stop eating and drinking prior to surgery, to do exercises, advice for carers etc.

Surveys & Feedback

You can create your own surveys with questions relevant to your organisation or service and get facts for right decision making. Includes prebuilt surveys to automate FFT compliance.

Self Care Guidelines

Educate, engage, build confidence and promote self care with dynamic timeline. Example: Health and wellness guides for new mothers, diabetic care, mood management etc

Powerful Management Console

Change the patient information and app content in real time with our easy to use content management system
Fully hosted solution with no internal IT implementation required

Manage Users With Role Based Access Control

Allocate user access according to preference

Track Patient Progress From Your Desktop

Be the first to know if something going wrong

Powerful Reports & Report Builder

Use the inbuilt templates or create your own

Analyse Feedback

Get facts for making right decisions

Add/ Edit Surveys

Use prebuilt surveys or design using survey builder

App Usage Statistics

Real time insight on app activity and downloads

Unlimited Users, Surveys and Feedback

Automate FFT compliance
  • Multi language
  • Could work as a central repository for all feedback
  • Inbuilt templates
  • Easy to use editor to add/ edit questions
  • Automate FFT compliance
  • Supports Audio and Video playback
  • Data Export & Powerful Reports

Manage Demand on Healthcare Services

Educate. Engage. Build Confidence. Foster Self Care
Publish and push health literature to promote self-caring, potentially saving money for the organisation. Example: Health and wellness guides for new mothers, know-how about caring for a new baby, diabetic care, alcohol/ drug abuse warning, antibiotic guidelines etc

Enhanced Service & Superior Patient Experience

Offer your patients all the information and advice they need
  • Contacts, maps, directions at one place
  • Engage with patients in the community
  • Reduce A&E waiting time
  • Assist patients and visitors to easily navigate your facility
  • Promote insightful messages and maps at entrances with geofencing
  • Surveys & feedback for patients to reflect back on the service quality

Boost Reputation and Foster Loyalty

While Slashing Costs
  • Impress patients & visitors with all the information they need at their fingertips.
  • Provides the platform for users to connect, have their voice heard and build loyalty.
  • Feedback and surveys for management to take informed decisions based on facts.
  • Reduce patient isolation & promote support

Why Us ?

Enterprise-class, white label mobile apps
  • Quick turnaround time – App goes live in weeks
  • Update the contents from control panel
  • Fully hosted solution. No internal IT implementation required
  • Comprehensive support and free upgrades
  • Fully branded for your organisation
  • Automation to save time and money
  • Powerful reporting tools, unlimited users, surveys and feedback
  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Ready to integrate with your internal systems